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Who is Cause Leadership?

We are a team of people passionate about the positive social impact that organizations like yours make on our communities. To ensure your mission succeeds, we help you with the executive search and consulting support for your senior or executive leaders.

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Consulting Solutions

Your organization is unique. 

Nothing makes a greater impact on your organization than a strategic leader who carries your unique mission forward. 

We help your organization find its next executive leader, and we support their leadership to advance your mission.

Executive Jobs

You are a leader with a vision.

And many nonprofit organizations are searching right now for a new visionary CEO or senior director, someone just like you. 

We help many visionary leaders find the ideal social impact organization so they can together meet a cause that matters.

the academy

Invest in Your Learning & Development

At Cause Leadership, we’re passionate about equipping impact-oriented leaders to do good work. The Cause Leader Academy represents a set of labs for coaching, training, peer networking and growth in executive leader development expertise. 

The Academy equips organizations and develops social impact leaders for executive leadership roles and functions. 

We will announce this year’s Academy Learning Labs soon. 


Our Cause Leader Podcast is Coming Soon!

We interview leaders who are successfully guiding and advancing social impact-focused organizations and ventures. 

Our guests lead small charities, large NGOs, social enterprises, Certified B Corps, and many from the corporate community providing impact-focused services. 

Listeners will gain insights, perspectives, and strategies, while engaging with what it means to be a Cause Leader in social profit and for-profit ventures.

Organizations We Serve


Articles and reports on the current and inspiring leaders, stories, innovations and research coming from the social impact sector.

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