Leadership Consulting

People Are at the Heart of the Social Sector

Whether it’s the leaders on your team today, the leaders still to come, or the leaders you are trying to reach, your cause-driven organization needs effective, creative, and impactful leaders to guide your mission. 

With our Cause Leader Method™ we consult using a person-centred and solutions-oriented approach to understanding your needs, and then supporting your leadership and growth strategies.

Fundraising Consulting

Fundraising Talent

Our consultants help organizations find the right talent for specific fundraising roles. They can assist you in creating job profiles, conduct interviews, assess candidates, and recommend the best fit for the company.

Fundraising Strategies

Our consultants help you optimize your fundraising and staffing strategy.  We help you align your fundraising talent and your approach to resource development with your overall business objectives.

Fundraising Learning & Development

Our consultants enhance the skills of your fundraisers through training and development programs. We train and coach on the technical skills, relational skills, and the campaign management related to resource development.

Leadership Consulting

Leader Development
Innovative and empowering leadership will help an organization succeed in its mission. Is your leadership future-ready?
Executive Coaching
Our executive coaches arrange for one-on-one sessions with a leader to assist the leader with planning, execution, growth and implementation of strategic direction. An ideal coaching series would begin with 5 or 6 sessions.
Leadership Performance Assessments
Our consultants assist by reporting on a leader’s performance through the use of various assessments, such as: Birkman Method – Your Personality at Work, LeaderPOP or Executive LeaderPOP, Leader360 and 360 Peer Reviews, Pre-Appointment Screening Tools – Predictors of Performance.
Leader Development Pipelines
Our consultants assist with designing a leader development pipeline and coach an internal facilitator for the delivery. An ideal pipeline is between 9 to 18 months long and involves workshops, mentoring, leadership assessments, effectiveness coaching, development planning, and ensure emerging leaders have increased exposure to leadership functions.
Strategic Leader Onboarding
Our consultants facilitate a monthly strategic planning and executive coaching process to ensure the successful engagement of the leader as the new strategy and communications lead. An ideal strategic onboarding for a new leader can take up to 9 to 12 months.

Human Resource Consulting

Strategic Planning
We provide strategic assistance for executive leaders to bring greater alignment between people and organizational strategies.
People & Culture Solutions

Our consultants help you with strategies that address things like underlying people challenges, strengthen staff culture, improve staff performance & productivity, increase employee engagement, fill leadership talent gaps, increase social impact, and more.

Organizational Design & Structure

Our consultants analyze an organization’s structure to ensure efficient workflow, clear communication, and collaboration. They may recommend changes to optimize performance and productivity.

Employee Engagement & Retention
Our consultants focus on improving employee satisfaction and engagement to increase retention rates. They use strategies like employee surveys, feedback mechanisms, and initiatives for a positive work environment.
Performance Management
Our consultants help organizations develop performance evaluation systems, set clear goals, provide regular feedback, and implement performance improvement plans when needed.

Board Consulting

Board Strategy
We provide strategic consulting for boards seeking clarity in their roles as Directors, professional alignment to their executive leadership, and recruitment of new board members suitable to their governance model and the sectors that they are serving.
Succession Planning
Our consultants assist organizations with succession planning by identifying future leaders and developing strategies for their growth or upcoming transition. This ensures that transitions are smooth and disruptions in critical positions are minimized.
Executive Compensation Reports
Our consultants are able to review the executive compensation range and package within the charitable sector. A full compensation report and briefing is delivered.
Change Management Plans

Our consultants assist with organizational changes like mergers, acquisitions or restructuring. Our consultants manage the human talent aspect to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the workforce.

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