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Meet the Impact Leaders Driving Change in Today’s World

Introduction Social impact leaders are the vanguards of positive change, dedicating their lives to addressing pressing societal issues. They actively work towards creating positive and lasting societal change through their dedication to leadership impact. Through

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team discussion on which KPIs to track

15 KPIs Every Nonprofit Organization Should Track

As nonprofit organizations, achieving successful outcomes and positively impacting our communities is central to our actions. In this modern and increasingly competitive world driven by data and analytics, having a clear and effective way to

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a young leader looking at the camera
Coaching & Consulting

Effective Leadership Styles in Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations employed roughly 2.5 million Canadians in 2019. This level of employment represents 12.8 percent of all Canadian jobs, including many crucial leadership positions. If you are the new leader in the onboarding process

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women leaders in the office
Coaching & Consulting

Top Executive Training Programs for Women in Leadership

Leadership programs for women are essential to the growth of charities and nonprofits across Canada. Executive-level courses offer a wide variety of opportunities for women. They provide the opportunity to gain experience from successful leaders

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