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Find the next great leader to advance your cause.

We help leading Canadian nonprofits & charities find, hire and develop their next great leaders.

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Your nonprofit shouldn’t have to compromise when searching for a highly qualified leader.

Nonprofit executive searches are commonly hindered by things like… 

Limited Reach

Filling C-level roles in the social profit sector is very challenging. You are competing with other non-profit organizations for the same talent and the for-profit industry that can lure your top talent away.

Lack of Diversity

      You’re challenged to find the best leadership talent and need a systematic process to court the ideal candidate who could provide your organization with the balanced leadership it needs. 

The best candidates come from positive outreach, rather than passive responses to job postings. We make pro-active connections rather than relying on just the current pool of job seekers.

Limited Connections

At Cause Leadership we believe an exclusive retained executive search and recruitment partner works best for nonprofit organizations.

Unlike other Canadian executive search and recruitment firms that do not understand the charitable sector, we do because we work in the sector all the time. You get first-hand knowledge and relationships with the kind of candidates you are looking for.

Lack of Time & Experience

To advance your mission, you need the best available top candidates from a deep search and proactive recruitment, both of which take time and experience.

Unlike traditional channels, you get a wider and targeted reach beyond the standard search firm networks and in less time.

Why settle for less?

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Find the right leader you need to advance your cause, without compromise.

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Everything rises and falls with great leadership. The wrong hire can be costly. For such an important role, your organization deserves to have a list of strong candidates to choose from.

When you work with a nonprofit executive recruiter such as Cause Leadership, you get a fully managed recruitment process that ends with finding the best-qualified leader to help advance your cause.

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Guaranteed Fit

We offer a 12 month performance guarantee – if the candidate walks or you fire them because it’s not working out, we’ll perform another executive search for your nonprofit at no cost. Engage Us.

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Find the Leader You Need with Confidence

Every organization is unique. Few things will have a more significant impact on your nonprofit’s or charity’s future than finding the right leader to carry your mission forward. With Cause Leadership’s nonprofit executive search process, you can recruit for your nonprofit organization with confidence. Engage Us.

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Exclusive & Retained

Executive search with a recruiter that works exclusively in the nonprofit sector is best for nonprofit organizations. You get first-hand knowledge and relationships with the kind of candidates you are looking for. Engage Us.

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Partnership for Success

Your mission has a positive impact on the communities you serve. Our mission is to perform an in-depth executive search in Canada to find you the leaders you need to be successful. We both win by working together. Engage Us.

Our Recruitment Services

Fully Managed Executive Search

Your mission-driven organization doesn’t want to deal with the time-consuming old-school process of vetting dozens of unqualified candidates to uncover a few good matches.

Rather, you want a fully managed nonprofit leader search where you’ll get a highly calibrated shortlist representing the top candidates who meet your requirements and share the vision for advancing your cause.

Recruitment Marketing

For mission-driven organizations who want to supplement part of their search for a new executive hire with the marketing assistance of an experienced Canadian executive search firm.

This approach provides you with a pool of candidates to interview without the costs of a fully managed search.


Serving Canadian Non-Profits

Leaders who Care

We understand the value of mission-driven organizations. We make it easier to advance your mission by finding the executive leadership you need to succeed.

Results that Matter

For over 20 years, we’ve been placing Canadian executive leaders in their ideal organizations, with revenues ranging from $1M to over $400M in top-line donations.

How we help mission-driven
organizations find their
next great leader.

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We start building a relationship together, where we flesh out the details, experience, and character of your ideal leader.


We do the heavy lifting, recruiting the right executive candidate from our vast network of experienced, social-profit leaders.


With a strong pool of 3-5 uniquely qualified candidates, you get the traction you need toward hiring the next great leader for your organization.

Ready to get started?

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Let’s explore what success looks like for you. It’s very different based on whether you need an interim leader, a turn-around expert, a sustaining leader, or someone to guide you through growth.

At Cause Leadership, we know that you are a purpose driven organization that depends on your leaders to continually advance your mission.

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The problem is that filling C-level roles in the social profit sector is challenging. Not only are you competing with other non-profit organizations for the same talent, you are also competing with the for-profit sector who can lure your top talent away.

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We help leading Canadian nonprofits & charities find, hire and develop their next great leaders.