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Who is Cause Leadership?

We are a team experienced in board, executive and fundraising leadership. We believe in the positive social impact that your organization makes on our communities and world.

We help you succeed by recruiting and supporting the executive and resource development leaders you need. We maintain a strong network of executive leaders and resource development leaders ready to consider employing their strengths in your world-changing cause.

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Consulting Solutions

Your organization is unique. 

Nothing makes a greater impact on your cause than a strategic leader who carries your unique mission forward. 

We help your organization find the next executive or resource development leader and will support their leadership functions.

Leadership Jobs

You are a leader with a vision.

Many nonprofit organizations are ready for a new visionary CEO, senior leader, or resource development professional.

We help visionary leaders like you find the next organization that will benefit from your unique skills and passions.

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Invest in Your Learning as a Fundraising Professional

Finally, here is a network hub that serves the unique needs of resource development professionals. Maximize your job opportunities by joining a large network of development professionals to strengthen your hard and soft skills as a professional fundraiser.


The Cause Leadership Podcast

Welcome to The Cause Leadership Podcast where we discuss charity leadership, and explore the career journeys of CEOs, Executive Directors, Fundraisers, and other leaders in the nonprofit sector. Join us to gain insights on leadership, fundraising, and talent strategy. Tune in and subscribe to join us on this leadership journey.

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Articles and reports on the current issues of importance to executive and resource development leaders in the charitable sector.

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