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At Cause Leadership, we believe cause-driven organizations shouldn’t have to compromise when searching for qualified leaders. We help social impact teams recruit their executive and resource development leaders. We are building a future where every social impact venture has the talent and funding needed to combat injustice and social inequities.

Industries we serve

The social impact industries we serve with recruitment, coaching and consulting services span the full range of nonprofit and social impact organizations, including some for-profit organizations and their social ventures.

Social For-profit Organizations
These would be groups like Social Impact Organizations, BCorps, Social Enterprises, ESG Ventures, Nonprofit Technology (Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity) and others.
Business Non-profit Organizations
These would be groups like Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Protection Services, Condominium Associations, and Trade Organizations among others.
Community Non-profit Organizations
This represents groups like Food Banks & Community Food Services, Community Housing Groups, Disaster & Emergency Relief Organizations, Advocacy Groups, Legal Aid Organizations, Sports and Recreation Organizations, Arts and Culture Organizations, Animal Protection Organizations and Long-Term Care and Retirement Living Centres.
Government Non-profit Organizations
This segment would include Educational Organizations, * Healthcare and Medical Research Organizations, Government & Quasi-government Organizations
Other Charitable Non-profit Organizations
Such as Private & Public Foundations, and various Religious Organisations.

Our Team

At Cause Leadership, we are proud of the work we do. With 20 years of experience in recruiting non-profit and fundraising leaders, we bring our expertise to support you and the cause that you are passionate about. We love working with cause leaders and work tirelessly to support each one on their vocational journey. Click on each team member to find out more about them.


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