Questions a Fundraising Candidate Can Ask During a Job Interview

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It takes a lot to prepare for a job interview. That’s why we have curated a list of the key questions you might ask during an interview for a fundraising role. 

1. Can you tell me more about the organization’s current fundraising goals and priorities?

2. What are the biggest challenges or obstacles the organization is facing in terms of fundraising, and how do you envision the fundraising team addressing them?

3. How does the organization currently engage with its donors, and what strategies have been most successful in donor stewardship and retention?

4. Can you describe the organization’s donor segmentation strategy and how it informs fundraising efforts?

5. What resources and support does the fundraising team receive from other departments within the organization?

6. How does the organization measure the success of its fundraising efforts, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked?

7. Can you provide examples of recent successful fundraising campaigns or initiatives led by the organization?

8. What is the organization’s approach to integrating digital fundraising strategies, and how does it complement traditional fundraising methods?

9. How does the organization ensure compliance with fundraising regulations and ethical standards, and what systems are in place to monitor and enforce adherence?

10. Can you share more about the organization’s long-term vision for fundraising and how the fundraising team fits into that vision?

These questions demonstrate the candidate’s interest in understanding the organization’s fundraising priorities, strategies, challenges, and overall organizational culture, which can help them assess whether the role is a good fit for them.

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