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Searching for and finding senior leaders in the social sector today can be challenging. Social ventures are competing with the for-profit sector for talented leaders. They are also learning to adapt to many changes in an evolving work environment. 

With our Cause Leader Method™ we can help you find, place, develop, retain and support the leaders you need to help your mission thrive.

Functions We Recruit

We specialize in executive leadership recruitment and consulting for resource developing leaders. With over 20 years of experience in non-profit and fundraising, and access to a vast network of executive leaders, we understand the social-impact sector and the talent that drives mission forward. Here are some of the leadership functions we recruit.

What Our Clients are Saying

how does it work?

The Client Pathway

With our unique approach to recruitment, we help organizations find top leadership talent. We work alongside to help you recruit the leaders that can move your mission forward. Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Clarify Your Needs

We clarify the needs and roles you are filling to help us find the specific talent you are seeking. 

Step 2. Identify the Candidates

We then search for and identify prospective candidates by proactively reaching to our vast Candidate Network, placing targeted adverts, and then prepare the shortlist of candidates selected for interviews.

Step 3. Interview Candidates

We prepare interview packages for each candidate and arrange for the interviews, even guiding them if needed. We walk with you through multiple interviews with the top candidates and assist you in your final decision.

Step 4. Hire the New Leader

Once you identify the ideal candidate, we provide a full report to assist you in making the final hiring decision. Then we help you complete the successful hiring, check their references, and help you navigate offers and negotiations.

Fundraiser Talent Alerts​

Do you want access to top fundraiser talent for your organization? Register for our alerts to be notified of qualified candidates before we introduce them to our broader network.

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