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For mission-driven organizations who want to supplement part of their search for a new executive hire with the assistance of an experienced executive search firm.


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You need to find and hire a new executive to join your mission-driven organization and you need some support from a recruitment agency to help you end your search with greater success.

Though most of our clients hire us to do a fully managed executive search and recruitment, we also provide Recruitment Marketing to mission-driven organizations looking to supplement part of their search efforts with the help of an executive search firm.

What's Included.

1/ Intake Interview

We get to know your organization more deeply and discover the specific aspects of the role. This includes meeting with relevant stakeholders who may inform the search and gives us the details we need when we go to the marketplace. This also includes establishing the interview process with you for when that time comes.

2/ Create Job Ads

Most organizations waste time and money on job ads that don’t work. We use our 20+ experience in helping purpose-driven organizations create successful job ads to effectively reach your ideal candidates.

Your job ads will be specific, relevant, and engaging.

3/ Manage Job Postings

Effective job ads are not one and done. To help you reach the quality prospects you deserve, we create three to four ads for each job ad and use different messages for each to see which does the best. We continue to manage your job ads and optimize for the best-performing ads more often.

4/ Manage Applications

As prospects respond to your job ad, we save you time and resources by managing the prospects.

We carefully create a shortlist of your ideal prospects, so you don’t have to compromise time and resources in-house to effectively vet your ideal prospects.

5/ Initial Interview

Once identified, we will do the 1st round interviews – this again will save you time and give you the confidence that you’re vetting each candidate effectively.

Our objective is to help you uncover the candidates that meet the role requirements and demonstrate a strong fit for your organization.

6/ Candidate Packages

After candidates have been reviewed, in-depth candidate packages will be developed for each short-listed individual and provided to you in advance of initial interviews.

This will include their cover letter, resume, and other candidate information and responses.

Looking for a fully managed executive search?

Fully Managed Search vs Recruitment Marketing?

Fully Managed Search Recruitment Marketing
Intake interview
Opportunity profile
Up to $1,000 in online job advertising
Create job ad
Manage job ad posting
Manage applications
Proactive outreach to ideal potential candidates
Initial interview of candidates
Candidate package
Participate in candidate interviews
Provide up to 5 candidate reference checks
Negotiate / Facilitate Offer of Employment

Here's how we help mission-driven
organizations confidently find their
next great leader.


We start building a relationship together, where we flesh out the details, experience, and character of your ideal leader.


We do the heavy lifting, attracting the right candidate from our vast network of experienced, social-profit leaders.


With a strong pool of 3-5 uniquely qualified candidates, you get the traction you need toward hiring the next great leader for your organization.

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Let’s explore what success looks like for you. It’s very different based on whether you need an interim leader, a turn-around expert, a sustaining leader, or someone to guide you through growth.

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