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Executive search

Executive Search & Interim Management

CAUSE Leadership specializes in the search and recruitment of executive leadership and fundraising personnel for charitable, mission-driven organizations. The charitable sector is undergoing the largest transition of leadership ever faced in modern day philanthropy. Baby Boomers have already begun to retire and the Millennials are now the largest living generation. Meanwhile, GenX is outnumbered on both sides and its talent pool cannot meet the demand of today’s charitable organizations. This will require many charities to look differently at their talent attraction and retention.

Four possible solutions include:

•  Interim leadership
•  Identifying high-potential candidates from within and giving them real leadership development and mentorship
•  A proper, eyes-wide-open transition of private/corporate sector talent
•  Amalgamation and merger of like-oriented organization

Whether your organization is focused on social services, hospital/healthcare, education, international relief & development, or one of many other important causes, we work with a diverse group of mission-driven organizations. Our recruitment process is solutions-focused with the client in mind. Given our insight on the charitable sector, we will be your trusted advisor. Flexible, yet structured, we work to connect you with the best available talent (did we say it was competitive out there!)

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Recruitment advisory services

Recruitment Advisory Services

Charitable budgets are often strained and stretched and undertaking a full executive search may not be possible during certain seasons of a charity’s lifecycle. Of course, that doesn’t mean your talent needs are any less important. In fact, they’re probably more important. For those organizations that just can’t undertake a full executive search, we understand but, we’d still want to help. That’s where our recruitment advisory services come in.

While we won’t actively undertake the search for you we can assist with many of the other aspects of the search process such as:

•  Crafting a position description
•  Developing a job ad
•  Assisting with interviewing
•  Providing psychoanalytic leadership assessment support
•  Reference checking
•  And other elements where you may need support

Don’t feel like you’re on your own. We’re here to help.

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Succession planning consulting

Succession Planning Consulting

As mentioned above, the leadership landscape in North America is changing with the retirement of many Baby Boomers. We understand the pressures on the charitable sector to attract and retain leadership – executive, fundraising, and even boards of directors (more on that later). Together, we have the opportunity to help  your organization to strategically and significantly impact the present and future mandate by bringing in the right leader now, not later (don’t wait too long).

Our associates provide succession-planning consultation over a number of months. We work with the Board to assist in developing long-range vision and plans for the organization and then determine what leadership talent will be required to lead the organization forward. Further assistance with job descriptions and compensation packages ensures a smooth transition.

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Leadership coaching

Leadership Development & Coaching

Dear CEO,

Ever felt like you couldn’t talk to your Board or your staff? So, who do you turn to? Where do you go for a professional, confidential conversation? Who can ask the helpful, strategic questions that will focus on your forward momentum? We will work with you as your personal, executive coach and provide the objective perspective you might need in the short-term or over the long-haul.

Coaching can assist individual leaders (and their teams as well) to strengthen performance and keep them focused and accountable. We know that success is as much about relationship as it is about skills and experience. We take time to listen and understand your needs, goals, strengths and talents so you can develop your own strategies for success.

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Leadership assessment

Leadership Assessment

Using The Birkman Method, we measure a leader’s strengths, motivations, interests and stress behaviours that impact on job performance and relationships. Discover how you or your team will perform under pressure; find the natural strengths within the team or potential blind spots. The Birkman will put the right people in the right place for best results. Combined with our Leadership Coaching, this can be a purposeful way forward.

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Board governance

Board Governance

Just as executive leadership is transitioning, so are Board of Directors. Is there a succession plan for your current Board? Do you have a plan for how you are going to recruit new and skilled Board members to your cause? Are you looking at Board diversity?

We come alongside organizations to provide insights into board governance best practices. Our associates have all served as board members, and our combined years of service offers unparalleled experience. We understand matters such as the pivotal role CEOs play between the Board and the organization, as well as the importance of their executive team in contributing to their success.

Our associates can assist CEOs and Boards with: strategic visioning & action plans, governance audits, and Board & senior staff retreats

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Speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements

Given our years of experience in the charitable sector, our associates are regularly called upon to share their expertise at philanthropy forums and conferences. We provide insights on topics such as board governance and succession planning, and the significant leadership transitions taking place in the charitable sector and the opportunity it presents to boards, executives, and emerging leaders.

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Fundraising consulting

Philanthropy Consulting

We understand that philanthropy leaders are charged with developing innovative and creative solutions to resource challenges; ensuring long-term growth and sustainability of financial resources; and maximizing revenue generation. We offer consulting on established methods as well as emerging philanthropic models to help you implement plans and reach your goals.

We can also provide Interim Leadership, including coaching, in this very important area. Our philanthropy associates are experienced professionals who have hands-on experience and knowledge in fundraising. They can mentor and guide your fundraising team, working along side you to develop momentum and achieve success in your philanthropic efforts.

Our associates can assist CEOs and Boards with: stakeholder consultations and competitive analysis, organizational and program audits, capacity building policies & processes, fund development audits, performance management programs, strategic human resources consultations, due diligence for donors & funders, and corporate social responsibility programs.

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