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For social impact and non-profit organizations who want a fully managed executive search process that ends with the best possible candidate.

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You need a fully-managed hiring process that ends with you bringing the best qualified leaders into your organization.

The problem is that filling C-level roles in the social profit sector is excessively challenging. Not only are you competing with other non-profit organizations for the same talent, you are also competing with the for-profit sector who can lure your top talent away.

The recruitment process feels overwhelming and it’s made worse by the lack of proper tools and time to do the job well. The stakes are high and you fear missing (or losing) the ideal candidate who could provide your organization with the leadership that it needs.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping prominent mission-driven organizations confidently find their next great leader to advance their mission.

What's Included.

1/ Get to know your mission

We want to get to know your organization more deeply and discover more about the specific aspects of the role. This includes meeting with relevant stakeholders who may inform the search and gives us the details we need when we go to the marketplace. This also includes establishing the interview process with you for when that time comes

2/ Marketing Document

Next, we build a detailed marketing document. An information package that highlights your organization and outlines pertinent details of the role. We will share this document with prospective candidates and/or those who may know the kinds of candidates we are looking for.

3/ Search Begins for Candidates

We are now ready to start searching for and identifying prospective candidates. This involves research and proactively reaching out to candidates who may be a fit for the role.

4/ Candidate Assessment

Once identified, candidates will be taken through a screening process that starts with a phone screen and moves to an in-person interview for those candidates appearing most qualified. These steps ensure that each candidate meets the role requirements and demonstrates a strong fit for your organization.

5/ Candidate Packages

After candidates have been reviewed, in-depth candidate packages will be developed for each short-listed individual and provided to you in advance of initial interviews. This will include their cover letter, resume, and other candidate information and responses.

6/ Initial Client Interviews

At this stage we will begin to engage you in interviewing the short-listed candidates. We will participate as observers in all the interviews and will manage the set-up of these client and candidate meetings. Interview questions will be provided for the various stages which we will adapt to your needs.

7/ Subsequent Client Interviews

By now, decisions will have been made on which one or two candidates move forward. Based on the interview process we established in our initial consultation, other stakeholders may be invited in at this stage to meet the finalists before choosing a final candidate. We remain observers at this stage and coordinate the meetings.

8/ References

Once a final candidate is chosen, we will carry out a detailed reference check, usually with three to five leadership and peer level contacts of the candidate. You will receive the full report before making a final hiring decision.

9/ Offer and Negotiations

This is a pivotal stage where we work with you and the candidate to arrive at a successful hire. Avoiding surprises at this stage is important so clarifying details before this point is also important.

Fully Managed Search vs Recruitment Marketing?

Fully Managed Search Recruitment Marketing
Intake interview
Opportunity profile
Up to $1,000 in online job advertising
Create job ad
Manage job ad posting
Manage applications
Proactive outreach to ideal potential candidates
Initial interview of candidates
Candidate package
Participate in candidate interviews
Provide up to 5 candidate reference checks
Negotiate / Facilitate Offer of Employment

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