Stress to Strength

Leadership Coaching that helps Navigate Stress and Makes the Most of High Performing Teams

This coaching program is designed to help you lead your team with a depth of insight that rivals your care. The Stress to Strength program will enable you to address key management issues with clarity:

Get comprehensive and accurate insight into your team’s Passions, Strengths, Needs, and Stress behaviours that always emerge when needs go unmet for an extended time.

With our guidance, you will be able to identify how you and others react under stress and then learn how to use stress signals for gaining powerful insights into others. This program will enable your team to leverage its unique strengths, and maximize their effectiveness.

With a process designed and used successfully with many clients over the past 7 years, we will help you concretely identify and implement changes in order to stay in strength. You will be able to measure the difference that implementing these changes makes for you personally and professionally.

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About The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method® is designed to help teams discover, clarify and align strengths; build self-awareness of individual strengths, motivators, underlying needs and stress points; develop strategies for improvement; and encourage individual and team accountability.

The Birkman Method® is a unique, multi-dimensional assessment integrating behavioural, motivational and career information in one tool using one questionnaire. It has been developed and enhanced through more than 50 years of use by consulting and organizational professionals.


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