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Tell us your organization’s name, industry or sector, location and the role you are trying to fill. Then, give us your availability, and we will schedule a brief intro call with one of our recruiting specialists.

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One of our recruitment specialists will call within one business day to learn more about your organization’s specific needs and give you expert advice or answer any questions you have.

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We build a list of candidates with the established leadership experience and qualifications you need for your specific industry, sector, and location. Once you review our proposal and agree to move ahead, our recruiters will begin working to find you the best candidate.

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Finding the best leadership talent is critical to your organization’s stability and growth. We can find top talent faster and smarter so you can avoid any guesswork and focus on serving your clients.

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At Cause Leadership we believe an exclusive retained executive search and recruitment partner works best for most nonprofit organizations. 

Unlike other search and recruitment firms that do not understand the charitable sector, we do because we work in the sector all the time. You get first-hand knowledge and relationships with the kind of candidates you are looking for.

Our goal is to transform the way recruiters, employers and job seekers connect and improve the hiring and recruiting process for everyone involved.

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Discover Additional Ways We Serve Hiring Organizations

We offer these additional ways to help you develop your leaders.

Advanced Tools For Assessing Leadership Candidates


We use the best tools to help you confirm those most likely to perform in a management or executive role. For example, the Birkman Method, Predictor of Performance, Leader360, and other pre-appointment screening tools will help you assess a leader’s capabilities and behaviours. We desire to give you and your hiring team the information needed to make the best choice for your next leader.

Ask us to send you information about these tools.

Leadership Development Services


Executive Coaching Series – Executive Coaching will include one-on-one sessions with a leader to assist with their work functions or professional development; assist a new leader during their onboarding, or help an established leader adapt to new responsibilities. An ideal coaching series would start with 5-6 sessions.

Onboarding For New Leaders – Continues where the selection process left off by setting up the strategies needed to ensure a successful transition of a new leader; includes initial orientation, critical success KPIs, communication plans, cultural integration tools, the definition of critical stakeholders, training interventions, internal mentors, governance tools, use of planning templates, accountability partners, and everything else needed to ensure a successful transition.

Training Interventions – Includes a variety of topics for team development, role clarity, and work effectiveness, such as:

  • Coaching Cultures: Coach to Empower Others
  • Destiny Discovery: Aligning Skills with Roles
  • Development Planning: Growing to Improve Performance
  • Transformational Leadership Skills
  • Inclusive Workplaces: Leading with Cultural Agility
  • Nonprofit Board Governance & New Member Orientation

Ask about the specific nonprofit leadership training topics you need.

Consulting Services


Leader Development Pipeline Design – Includes assisting with a pipeline design project and consulting with the internal facilitator for the delivery. An ideal pipeline would be 9-12 months long and involve workshops, mentoring, leadership assessments, effectiveness coaching, development planning, exposure to leadership functions, etc.

Succession Planning Consulting – Includes consulting on succession planning strategies and design for nonprofit leadership needs; to help prepare emerging leaders for succession and current leaders for mentorship.

Executive Compensation Review – Includes a researched review of executive compensation range and related package within a desired nonprofit sector.

Board Governance Consulting – Includes board consulting, training of nonprofit board members, and coaching for board chairpersons.

Contact us with your specific consulting needs. 

Tools For Diversity Training


Cultural Mapping Inventory (CMi) – Strengthening diversity in the workplace and integrating leaders into new cultural settings.

Three Colors of Worldview (3CW) – Strengthening the cultural agility of leaders and teams.

Ask us to send you information about these tools.

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