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As demonstrated by her MBA and CFRE, Laura brings the strengths of both the corporate and charitable worlds together. She is a strategic thinker, seeing both the big picture and the details. She has spent the past 15 years working in the charitable sector, both in Canada and internationally. Her diverse work and board experiences have given her a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations and keen interest in helping teams function optimally.She finds great joy in seeing the right people in the roles, stakeholders provided creative engagement opportunities, and partnerships strengthened. Building collaborative relationships that prioritize people is one of the reasons Laura enjoys working in philanthropy and impact recruitment. Laura gets joy in seeing people excel individually and as part of a thriving team--achieving together what they couldn't alone.

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Laura Hanna
  • CEOs
  • Executive Directors
  • Chief Financial Officers
If you are interested in C-Level Executive Roles (ex. CEO, Executive Director, CFO) in the charitable and non-profit sector and would like to be considered for future opportunities, please apply through this link.
All applicants should provide a resume and a cover letter explaining the type of position you seek as well as the geographical location (city, province) where you reside.

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