Collaboration, Digital Transformation, and Sustainable Growth for Charities

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In this episode, Dave is joined by Duke Chang, President and CEO of CanadaHelps.Duke is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of leadership experience infinancial services and technology, transforming businesses through innovation and product-led growth. Before joining CanadaHelps, Duke served as the Worldwide Head of Product, Business Development, and Customer Experience for Lenovo Solutions and Services Group where he built and scaled the broad solution portfolio to support Lenovo’s $3 billion business.Duke He has endless enthusiasm to diversify the impact of CanadaHelps’ technologies and drive innovation. He focuses his priorities at CanadaHelps on enhancements that will empower Canadians to easily support their favourite causes and delivering real value in particular to small- and medium-sized charities, allowing them to grow their fundraising results and advance on their digital transformation journeys.


Our guest, Duke Chang, President and CEO of CanadaHelps, discusses his transition from the corporate space to the charitable sector and the challenges and opportunities he has encountered. Dave and Duke speak about the need for collaboration and centralization in the charitable sector, and the goal of CanadaHelps to assist with economies of scale for charities. Duke also highlights the importance of digital skills and capabilities in the sector, particularly in terms of cybersecurity. Dave and Duke discuss the talent pool in the charitable sector and the need for organizations to offer meaning, purpose, and work-life balance to attract and retain talent. They also address the leadership transition from Boomers to Millennials and the role of mentorship in developing emerging leaders. In this conversation, Duke discusses the challenges and opportunities in the charitable sector. He emphasizes the importance of leadership during times of adversity and highlights the need for leaders to have a clear North Star for their teams. Dave and Duke also review the key elements of success for fundraisers, including the ability to communicate the impact of donations and the importance of diversifying revenue streams. They explore the value of corporate partnerships and the alignment between sustainability and the charitable sector. Duke concludes by sharing his excitement about CanadaHelps’ mission to build generosity in Canada and make the sector more operationally efficient. 


00:00 Navigating the Transition: Corporate Space to Charitable Sector02:25 Challenges and Opportunities in the Charitable Sector06:15 The Impact of Technology and Digital Skills12:40 Talent Market Dynamics in the Charitable Sector25:30 Navigating Adversity: Leading Teams Through Tough Times29:00 The Future of Fundraising: Key Elements of Success30:30 Corporate Partnerships: Building True Alliances35:15 Revenue Diversification and Talent Development in the Charitable Sector

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