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If you become a candidate for a role we are searching for, then we will arrange for a brief initial meeting and discussion about your esperience, expectations, etc.

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When you become shortlisted for the role, you will be introduced to the hiring committee and interviewed by them until a final candidate is chosen.

Is there a Fee?

There is no cost to join our Nonprofit Talent Board. We desire to build relationships with nonprofit leadership jobseekers.

Our goal is to increase your possibility of receiving an interview with a suitable employer and to help make the recruiting process more efficient for all nonprofit hiring organizations.

We will attempt to reach out to you when suitable opportunities with our nonprofit and charitable employers are seeking someone with your skills and experience. We hope to share relevant and valuable news with you as well. Thank you for joining our Nonprofit Talent Board.

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Discover Additional Ways We Help Candidates

We offer these added ways to help you prepare for your leadership job search.

Coaching & Training for Leaders in Transition

Executive Coaching Series – Executive Coaching will include one-on-one sessions with a leader to assist with their work functions or professional development; assist a new leader during their onboarding, or help an established leader adapt to new responsibilities. An ideal coaching series would start with 5-6 sessions.

Training Interventions – Includes a variety of topics for effective nonprofit leadership, team development, role clarification, work effectiveness among other topics.

Contact us to inquire about Coaching for your Executive Role Search.

Advanced Tools For Assessing Strengths as an Executive Leader Candidate

We use the best tools to help you clarify how you are most likely to perform in given management or executive roles. For example, the Birkman Method, Predictor of Performance, Leader360, and other screening tools will help you assess your leadership capabilities & behaviours. We desire to give you the information needed to make the best choice for your next leadership role.

Ask us to send you information about these tools.

New Job Postings

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