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Good talent is hard to come by, especially in the non-profit sector where organizations are competing with the for-profit sector for the most qualified leaders. On top of that, hiring takes a lot of work and can be a lengthy process.

That’s why at Cause Leadership we’re always maintaining, curating, and qualifying a strong and healthy network of fundraising professionals so we can support organizations fill roles quickly, efficiently, and diligently.

The candidates below have already gone through a screening and interview process and are ready to take the final few steps to get hired onto a Cause close to their heart.

30+ Years in Fundraising

$50M in Revenue Raised

10% Revenue Increase

Scope Size

This candidate transformed a traditional and slowly declining marketing program, representing annual revenue of over $50M, while overseeing a corporate strategic review with recommendations that increased their future competitiveness. Additionally, they introduced planned giving & saw a high ROI after using marketing data to forecast and create all the marketing assets, and implement the content through campaigns.


They secured 100% of budgeted revenue targets in 2023 overseeing a full spectrum of traditional and digital marketing channels. They also improved donor retention from 9.8% to 10.8%, and implemented a new marketing plan that helped the organization see a 10% jump in total cash revenue over 3 years.

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