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Cause Leadership helps purpose-driven organizations find uniquely qualified leaders through our systematic fully managed hiring process that ends with you bringing the best qualified leader into your organization.

Executive Search + Recruitment Made Simple for Purpose-Driven Organizations

At Cause Leadership, we believe purpose-driven organizations such as nonprofits and social impact organizations, shouldn’t have to compromise when searching for a highly qualified leader.

As an executive search firm for Canadian nonprofits, we understand the value of mission-driven organizations, so we make it easy to advance your executive search by finding the leaders that you need to succeed.

Here’s how …

Guaranteed Fit

We offer a 12 month performance guarantee – it the candidate walks or you fire them because it’s not working out, we’ll perform another search at no cost.

The Leader You Need

Every organization is unique. Few things will have a bigger impact on the future of your organization than finding the right leader to carry your mission forward.


The Cause Leadership Team

Lisa McClung | Engagement Manager

I find myself going above and beyond to find the best talent for clients in the not-for-profit sector. I have spent a decade building up my knowledge and experience to help these companies grow. I work hard to find exactly what our client companies need to succeed, and am proactive to help find the candidates that are a perfect fit.

I am also passionate about building relationships with both clients and candidates. This is a huge part of why I love recruitment. I want all of my successful candidates to love their companies and to feel at home where they work.

Joy Gomersall | Engagement Manager

I have always had a passion for people and the not-for-profit sector.  I serve our clients by finding diverse, high-capacity, and effective leaders to join and strengthen their organizations.  I have not-for-profit leadership experience and human resources experience in the corporate sector responsible for hiring leaders.  I bring a balanced perspective to our clients to help them find the leader who best fits their organization’s vision and DNA. 

I am privileged to come alongside individuals in their pursuit of meaningful, purpose-infused careers. I love to see passionate people join organizations that align with their aspirations and see them fulfill critical leadership roles. I enjoy meeting and assisting candidates and helping them build lasting relationships with our client organizations.

Monique Picklyk | Engagement Manager

I am passionate about helping organizations find people who are authentic, engaged and focused to create a partnership that will nurture and sustain meaningful growth. As a Cause team member, I believe people build organizations and make a social impact. In helping organizations choose their next leader, I do so after a decade of personal experience working in the not-for-profit sector and under other charity leaders.

David Hutchinson | President

Since entering the executive search field in 1997, I have successfully placed senior-level candidates with a broad spectrum of organizations in the charitable sector. I also have a great interest in helping charitable organizations diversify, become younger in their leadership, and better represent their own clients.

I enjoy building relationships with a long-term view for the advantage of clients and candidates alike.” My involvement in the not-for-profit sector also extends to my personal commitments. With over a decade of experience in Board governance roles, I continue to serve as a volunteer Board member and Board Chair in the sector. I am an associate member of both the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Toronto Chapter) and the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (Ontario).

Jim Foster| Managing Director

I love helping with talent placement and culture development to ensure healthy and effective teams. I believe that hiring the best leaders, training for growth, improving leadership strategy and proper governance, and coaching and developing emerging leaders from within will ensure organizational strength.

My own workplace roles have mostly led me to support and develop the talented people around me. I have served in senior roles in multiple not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, and have managed both large and small teams over the last 20 years. So I have learned the high value of properly gifted leaders with the global-mindedness and cultural agility needed to ensure healthy corporate cultures. I believe that organizations work best when they serve their own people’s growth.

Advance your mission by finding the leader that is a fit for your organization, without compromise.

At Cause Leadership, we know that you are a purpose driven organization that depends on your leaders to continually advance your mission.

The problem is that filling C-level roles in the social profit sector is excessively challenging. Not only are you competing with other non-profit organizations for the same talent, you are also competing with the for-profit sector who can lure your top talent away.

The recruitment process feels overwhelming and it’s made worse by the lack of proper tools and time to do the job well. The stakes are high and you fear missing (or losing) the ideal candidate who could provide your organization with the leadership that it needs.

We understand the value of mission-driven organizations, so we make it easy to advance your executive search by finding the leaders that you need to succeed.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping prominent mission-driven organizations confidently find their next great leader.

Our process is simple. We start by building a relationship together, where we flesh out the details, experience, and character of your ideal leader.

Then we do the heavy lifting, attracting the right candidate from our vast network of experienced, social-profit leaders.

Finally, with a pool of 3-5 uniquely qualified candidates, you get the traction you need toward hiring the next great leader for your organization.

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Avoid making a costly mistake with your recruitment process and make sure that your organization will grow the positive impact that you have on the communities you serve.

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